Political Science

History of the Department

     The Department of Political Science has the distrinction of being the newest department in the Maharaja’s College. The teaching of Political Science as an optional subject in the pass course began in 1917. It soon grew to be a very popular subject and for several years it has attracted and continues to attract students next in numbers only to Economics. The Popularity of the subject was due as much to its own intrinsic importance and attractive nature as to the masterly exposition it received at the hands of distinguished teachers like Professor Venkateshwara, Sri. M.V. Krishna Rao. The number of students who study Political Science in the College, has risen from 345 in the year 1942 to 765 during 1950-51.

     Although the subjects was steadily becoming popular, no attempt was made to expand the courses of studies in Political Science and to introduce an Honours Degree in it unti8l 1941. Thanks to Rajakaryapravina Mr.N.S. Subba Rao, M.A., Bar-at-Law, the then Vice-Chancellor of our University the Honours course was introduced. Its introduction came not a day too early. The University of Mysore was perhaps the second Indian University, the first being the University of Lucknow, to organize a full-blown Honours course in Political Science. The master’s Degree was also instituted in 1944. At present Political Science is being taught at all stages of University education except at the Intermediate Stage. Arrangements are, however, being made to teach Political Science at the Intermediate stage also.

     Politcal Science figures prominently in the various combinations which a student in the Pass course is permitted to offer. It is associated with History, Economics, Sociology, Philosophy, English and the Classical languages. In the B.A. there are three papers in Political Science, viz., Political Theory, Comparative Politics and Public Administration. Political theory is a minor subject for Honours English, Comparative Politics for Honours Social Philosophy and Public Administration for Honours History.

     Eminent teachers of the department of political science and public administration: Professors A.R. Wadia, C. Krishna rao, B.M.Sreekantaiah, G.S. Halappa, T.S.Narayana Rao, Basheer Hussain, M.V.Krishna Rao, Srikantaiah, K.S. Mune Gowda, B.H. Hanumantha Raju, K.Mahalingaiah, Vaidyanathan, Rafeek Ahamed, D.M. Nanjundappa, J. Billaiah, Krishnappa, K.B.Y. Thotappa, K.H. Cheluvaraju, D.V.Urs, H.Mallappa, M.B. Rudre Gowda, Krishna Reddy, Shankaralingaiah, Dr. U. Gurumurthy.


List of distinguished alumni of the Department:

Mr. Gurupada Swamy (Ex.Union Minister)

Nanje Gowda (State Minister)

S.M. Krishna (Chief Minister)

S. Bangarappa (Ex.Chief Minsiter)

J.H.Patel (Ex.Chief Minister)

Thulasidas Dasappa (Ex.Minister)

Shivappa Harihara (Ex.Minister)

Narayana Rao (I.A.S)

Vivekananda ( I.A.S.)

Margada Mallaiah (Ex.Minister)

Narayan (Indian School of International Studies)

Kishore Chandra (I.P.S.)

Subash Bharani(I.P.S.)

N.Reddy (I.P.S)


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Dr B. N. Yashodha

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MP Umesh

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Dr. Bharati Pandurang

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Dr. Diwakar C

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GR Rangaswamy

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Shashank KS

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