Mission and Vision

The College Emblem indicating the rising sun symbolizes kindling the light of knowledge among the students admitted irrespective of Caste, Colour and Creed with the inscription, “Manushya Jaathi Taanonde Valam” , meaning that mankind is one.

The Ashoka’s Pillar (1951) in front of the college building set up in commemoration of Centenary Celebrations is a standing testimony to the yeoman services rendered to the nation in the field of education by this college.



“Value based education for a value based society”

“Extension of knowledge among students"



Intellectualism with an educational system calculated to give training for political and social life.



  • To provide opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds to pursue their educational goals
  • To offer educational programmes that are affordable and accessible to all
  • To focus on learning-learners to receive quality education in achievement of their stated goal
  • To demonstrate a respect for differences and an appreciation of the multiple perspectives
  • To strive to mould our studies into responsible & successful citizens