International Relations (PG)


About the Course

                  M.A. in International Relations (MA,IR), is a two-year specialized Programme, which endeavours to expose students to the wide horizon of information, comprehension and knowledge of International Relations and Global , regional Politics and is designed to acquaint students, with the nuances and intricacies of international policymaking and the vicissitudes of statecraft. Students emerging out of this programme can look forward to career opportunities in Academia (Advanced Research/Internship stints with Think-Tanks), Civil Service (IFS), Media (Electronic and/or Print Journalism), NGOs, Consultancy, Internship with Diplomatic Missions and teachings position in reputed institutions at government and Private level etc.

The course is designed with the view to equip students with conceptual tools necessary to efficaciously comprehend the fundamental forces, processes and actors, militating within the international system. Towards this end, the Course will endeavour to introduce students to principal theoretical debates and analytical tools, imperative to a fulsome study of International Relations. Both, mainstream theoretical traditions and pertinent critical perspectives are intended to be examined. An abiding goal of this course is to alter the image of the study of theory, which is often disparaged by students, as abstract and outside the purview of the real world.

The objective of the course is to acquaint the students with the concepts, perspectives and general approaches to understanding of contemporary international relations. Also, emphasis will be placed on the evolving dynamics of international relations and the major new actors and new modes of diplomacy in international politics.

The course is designed to cover both theoretical and conceptual aspects of the practice of international organization in general as well as the specificities such as origins, evolution, structures, functions, politics, effectiveness and critiques of selected international organizations. In examining the potential as well as the limitations of international organization, a mix of theoretical, historical, legal and political approaches will be used to understand specific themes.

Some of the university such as JNU, Goa University, Calcutta University and Delhi University are already introduced this course successfully. Since this course has not been introduced in any universities of Karnataka it is proposed to start in Maharaja’s College, UOM. 





Prof. Aftab Kamal Pasha

Chairman, BOS, Dept of IR, PG, Maharaja's College,

UOM, Mysore.

Associate Dean, Professor & Director, Gulf Studies Programme, Centre for West Asian Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi-110067



Prof.(Dr) G Gopakumar

BOS Member, Dept of IR, PG, Maharaja's College,

UOM, Mysore.

Vice Chancellor of Central University, Kasaragod.




Prof . Midatala Rani

BOS Member, Dept of IR, PG, Maharaja's College, UOM Mysore

Director, UGC-HRDC, UOM, Mysore



Dr. Bharati Hiremath

Head and Co-ordinator, Dept of IR, PG, Maharaja's College, UOM, Mysore





Divya Bharath

Guest Faculty