Disciplinary Rules

  1. This college treats all the students admitted to the courses as mature and  responsible and expects them to behave well.
  2. The students must obey the rules and regulations framed by the University/  College, which will be notified from time to time.
  3. They should attend Theory and Practical classes punctually to get the minimum   of 75% attendance in each subject.
  4. They are expected to attend the classes neat and tidy and to bring note books, texts and practical records required for their studies each day.
  5. They should be polite to their teachers, to the officials of the college office and  library, their classmates and to the public.
  6. They should endeavour to keep the college premises, the classrooms,  the library, the laboratories and corridors clean.
  7. They should maintain silence on the college campus as well as in the library, reading room, corridors and class rooms. They should safeguard the property of the college.
  8. Whenever a student goes to the Office or the Library or approaches the Principal, and also, while moving around the College Campus he/she must produce his/her Identity Card.
  9. It is the responsibility of the students to see all the College Notice- Boards and  Departmental Notice-Boards regularly.
  10. The students are advised to contact the Students Welfare Officer for guidance.
  11. The parents of the students are invited to meet the Members of the Staff and the Principal as often as possible to ascertain the progress of their wards. The authorities hope that the parents will extend their full co-operation towards the onerous task of shaping their children into educated, useful and responsible citizens.
  12. Using mobile phone inside the campus is strictly prohibited.
  13. Smoking, Drugs, Alocholic drinks are strictly prohibited.
  14. Ragging in any form is prohibited and punishable under section 2 (29) and 116 of Karnataka Education Act and the UGC Regulation on curbing the Menace of Ragging in higher Educational Institutions, 2009.